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The current structure of the Elevator Directive and the status of the associated elevator standards provide engineers with the tools and scope for new and innovative PES systems. These systems have already found their way into aviation and the automotive industry and are now the new game changer for elevators as well. We have plenty of experience in certifying PES systems and is keen to guide you towards PESS certification.


Modern cars and planes can’t do without it anymore: electronics and software. In a relatively small time a lot of control and safety systems became software based. Elevators and escalators are following rapidly. Elevators and safety are inseparably connected to each other in the history of the elevator technology. National and international standards have long been an adequate level of prescribed safety, on the basis of the specific state of the art.


Since the introduction of the European Lifts Directive it is possible to deviate from those standards, as long as an equivalent level of safety is demonstrated. This is where Programmable Electronic Safety Systems (PESS) became possible for the first time. We are there to guide you and to certify your PESS products.

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